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HD Touchscreen MirrorCam DashCam+Rearview DVR - All About It and Why You Should Own One

Today we're going to look at the HD TouchScreen MirrorCam DashCam+Rearview DVR. We're going to learn all about it, and why you should (or shouldn't) own one.

The quick list of reasons why you SHOULD own one:

  • AMAZING Rear-view Visibility -- roughly 3x the normal field of vision
  • Night Vision for difficult parking
  • 1:1 Split-screen Design - switch front and rearview recording
  • Big screen lets you clearly and easily check the rearview
  • Touch the screen to switch to the front camera, then back to the rearview
  • Gorgeous High-Def Video Resolution -- 1080P at 30 Frames per second
  • Comes with SD Card for Easy Video Export
  • Currently On Sale at a 50% discount (click here)
What IS the HD TouchScreen MirrorCam?

The amazing Car Touchscreen Dash Camera Front & Rearview DVR Mirrorcam is a brave new automotive innovation that has boldly redefined the rearview mirror into a rearview touchscreen and video recorder.

The traditional rearview mirror is limited in what it can provide, in terms of what's viewable - what you can see, and what you can't. Most of the time, we're forced to turn our heads into awkward positions to see that "un-viewable" space that you can't see in the rearview mirror - especially when trying to park. And what about parking at night!

With the Touchscreen Mirrorcam, your rearview camera is mounted to the rear of any headrests or seat cushions in your car - giving you roughly THREE TIMES the normal field of vision you would have with a regular rearview mirror.

What's more -- visibility is simply AMAZING -- even AT NIGHT or rainy days with the "night vision" feature of this amazing screen display. This is because your rearview mirrorcam is mounted without any viewing field obstacles and your image is completely transmitted by the external camera.

If you're in a situation where you have poor lighting or your vision is blocked - this system helps by providing a clear, wide field image to improve safety.

Streaming Media MirrorCam DVR

The rearview mirror generates full HD widescreen video that you can stream or download. You view what's going on behind (and in front) in REAL TIME, without any interference from obstacles inside the car. The video effects also counterbalance colors and lighting at night or in dark weather.

1:1 Split Screen 

Your Touchscreen MirrorCam provides a one to one split-screen display so you can switch between front and rearview recording. The big, colorful screen lets you clearly and easily check the rearview. Then, simply touch the screen if you want to switch to record the front or the back camera.

10 Inch Touch Super Screen Display

Your Touchscreen MirrorCam comes with a gorgeous 10 inch touch screen that's very convenient to operate. The controls are very quickly accessible and react to your touch so you won't be fumbling around with anything.

6 Glass HD Lens

Your touchscreen MirrorCam comes with a very flexible front camera which is adjustable up to 2 cm. The lens can also be adjusted up, down, left and right for best positioning.

And - this camera comes with six glass HD lens for filtering exposures which results in a much clearer image.

Full HD 1080P Video Quality

One of the reasons OUR camera is better than other offers you may find is that this camera records and displays in FULL HD Video resolution.

The frontward camera records in 1080p (1920px width, 1080px height) and the rearview camera records in 720p (1280px width, 720px height) which are both full High Definition video of the clearest kind.

Higher quality images help to identify vital details such as license plates, driver actions and road features which could be helpful if you find yourself in a situation you didn't expect to be in - and you need proof of what actually happened and who was involved. Lord Forbid you should have such an experience but if so, it helps to have a video backup.

Dual Camera Simultaneous Recording!

I knew you were going to ask - and the answer is yes! Your Touchscreen MirrorCam DVR supports the two cameras, which allows for simultaneous recording from both your front and rearview cameras. This "hybrid" split view helps you to have a clear view from the front and rearview cameras both in real time!

Real-time Display Reverse Parking view

Your Touchscreen MirrorCam comes with another awesome feature - Smart Rearview Angle Switching. This means that when you're parking the car, the camera can automatically focus on the area where you're parking into rather than the fullview of all traffic and surroundings (remember that THREE TIMES as LARGE field of view! This will help when you're parking and need a closer-up view!)

Loop Recording

When this feature is turned on, when your memory card (included) is full, the oldest video will be overwritten by the newly recorded video. This does not apply to the G-sensor or Parking Monitoring videos, which won't get erased until you erase them!


Your Touchscreen MirrorCam comes with another feature we call the G-Sensor which is more or less a safety feature. Here's how it works: the G-Sensor is built into your MirrorCam and it can feel when your car undergoes a violent impact or shock such as a collision. As soon as this sensor kicks in, the DVR immediately starts recording everything and locks the video.

Motion Detection

Your Touchscreen MirrorCam comes with a sweet motion detection function: when enabled, your camera will start recording when ever it senses any motion around it. When there is no motion detected, it will stop recording. Imagine what you might see if you left this on overnight while your car is parked somewhere!

Requires the optional BUCKLINE - be sure to check which options before placing your order.

Parking Monitor

Your Touchscreen MirrorCam optionally comes with a buckline which allows you to keep the camera powered up at all times while you are not driving the car or if the car is turned off. That way you can continually monitor your parked car and record any goings on using the motion detection function.

All in all, this is one of the most amazing new innovations in automotive technology to come along in the last few years and we are able to offer you this exceptional deal through a excellent relationship with the technology provider.